NutriUp Curcuplus - 60 capsules

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Curcumin powder with Coconut oil Veg. capsules Liquid filled Capsules Promotes Healthy Lipid Levels Promotes Memory & Brain function Reduces Inflammation Potent Antioxidant Promotes Bone Health Improve Antioxidant Defences Improves Heart Health Helps in Blood-Sugar Management Improves Eye Health Aids in Weight Management Improves Stomach Health Promotes Immunity Promotes Healthy Skin Supports Liver Health Supports Healthy Kidney Functions Helps Promote Overall Health
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CURCUPLUS is one of the most consumable forms of Curcumin, a principal bioactive ingredient of turmeric. We no longer have time to consume curcumin in its natural and effective form, CURCPLUS capsules are therefore the easiest ways to consume the curcumin present in Turmeric, hassle free and in the right proportion. CURCUPLUS capsule is a Nutraceutical in the form of Liquid filled Vegetarian capsule containing blend of 95% Curcumin & Virgin Coconut Oil. | Expiry (shelf life in months) : 24 months | Quantity : 60 capsules

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  1. Gloria Piroso

    Up up up, good

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