Beelicious – Honey with Cardamom – Pack of 3 – 30 g each

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Beelicious goes through a unique filtration process that allows it to retain its natural antioxidants, enzymes and vitamins as it is only filtered at 40 degrees. Additionally, most of the honey’s pollen content gets retained too. Our honey is collected from exclusive areas across Kashmir, that has Acacia trees for kilometers together. Our honey is not transported in used oil tins but in fresh food grade drums. Beelicious honey is probably the only honey tested on field with imported test kits. We add real Cardamom spice to our Kashmiri honey. Indulge in some today to experience the goodness of real honey !

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Delectable & fine, Beelicious Kashmiri Premium Honey has been personally hand-picked by our resident beekeepers, just for you.

Everything about Kashmiri Premium Honey is healthy & drool worthy and its free from added sugar, fructose or corn syrup. | Expiry (shelf life in months) : 24 months | Quantity : 30 gm

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