Cutis Dusting Powder 100 g

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India?s 1st Herbal Dusting powder Antifungal and anti-bacterial action Adsorbing and cooling effect Key Ingredients: Neem Ajwain Borax Suphur Zinc Oxide Directions: To be used as per advice of registered medicinal practitioners in Fungal skin Infections like diaper rashes and sweat irritation. Sprinkle the powder on affected part twice or thrice a day or as and when required.
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Fungal infections and skin problems like prickly heat, sweat irritation and related fungal infection like diaper rash in babies are more common in India. Prolonged summer and monsoon also aggravates prevalence of these conditions. Cutis Dusting powder is India?s first herbal dusting powder. Cutis Dusting Powder is Herbal Anti-fungal, anti-itching powder. Cutis Dusting powder is empowered with goodness of Neem. Cutis Dusting powder is useful in condition like fungal infections, itching and prickly heat. Ajwain oil offers cooling effect and relieves irritation caused by persistent itching.| Quantity :30 gm

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