Tulsi Powder - 300 g

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Uses: – Stress & anxiety – Diabetes & blood sugar imbalance – Immune function (Th1 and Th2) – Antibacterial & antiviral activity – Candida overgrowth – Bone healing – Inflammation – Cognitive function – Heart health – High blood pressure – Liver health – Stomach ulcers – Antioxidant activity – Pain – Radiation – Histamine – Cataracts – Biofilms – Testosterone – Graying hair – Cancer – skin, lung, breast, liver, stomach, oral, etc.
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Basil is mostly used in cuisines and also in medicines. In India, it is also known by the name of Tulsi. It traditionally is used for common cold, diarrhoea, bronchitis, stomach disorder, headaches, inflammation, arthritis, heart disease, various form of poisoning, insect bites and malaria

No additives, colourants, preservatives, pesticides. | Recommended Dosage: 5 gm per day | Shelf Life: 24 months| Quantity :300 g

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