Vasu Aromatics Rose Essential Oil – 10 ml

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Rose oil induces physiological relaxation and mental peace. Its aroma relieves stress, overcomes anxiety, relaxes mind & body, improves sleep quality, stimulates circulation, sharpens memory and boosts mood. Rose essential oil products, when applied to skin hydrate dry skin, clear acne, reduce signs of aging and minimize the appearance of scars.

How to use?

Bath: Enjoy a refreshing bath by adding a few drops to cold or lukewarm water to alleviate stress, tension headaches and mental pressure.

Massage: Add a few drops to suitable carrier oil like Almond or Olive oil and massage over forehead to promote physical & mental relaxation.

Air freshener: Add a few drops into diffuser or vaporizer or dilute with water and spray to freshen up a room.

For External use only

Never use Rose Essential Oil undiluted over skin. Discontinue use if you suffer an allergic reaction. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water. If you are pregnant, nursing or under a doctor?s care, consult your Physician.

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Sourced from the Rosa damascena plant, it contains the flower?s aromatic compounds. Because these compounds are thought to possess healing properties, rose essential oil is used for a number of health-related purposes. Regarded as one of the most fascinating and luxurious essential oils in aromatherapy, rose is considered to be the ?queen of flowers?. The key flavor compounds that contribute to the distinctive scent of rose oil are beta-damascenone, beta-damascone, beta-ionone, and rose oxide. Beta-damascenone?s presence and quantity is considered as the marker for the quality of rose oil. Even though these compounds exist in less than 1% quantity of rose oil, these make up for slightly more than 90% of the odor content due to their low odor detection thresholds.| Quantity :10 ml

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Vasu Aromatics Rose Essential Oil – 10 ml
401.00 incl. GST
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