Zeal Herbal Granules - 100 g

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Reduces episodes of Breathlessness Protection from seasonal changes Warm and soothing effect Key Ingredients: Yashtimadhu Tulasi Sunthi Pippali Tamala Directions: To be taken as per advice of registered medicinal practitioners in Bronchitis, Nasal congestion Dry cough, Productive cough How to take: Dissolve in hot water and sip, for faster relief. It gives appearance and feeling of hot herbal tea. Patient suffering from sore throat or dry cough can take with hot / Luke warm milk. This gives appearance and experience of hot delicious drink.
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Seasonal changes, pollution and allergen in air can cause breathlessness. Zeal Herbal Granules is an ideal combination of herbs known for their beneficiary effect in breathing disorders. Zeal Herbal Granules is having properties to fight allergy and ease breathlessness, It also act as as anti-viral, anti-bacterial and immunomodulator. Controls associated cough & cold and keeps the respiratory passage clear. Zeal Herbal granules is an ideal add on therapy for chronic respiratory disorders.| Quantity :100 g

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